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Select One – Wage Theft

In 2015, a company operating in South Carolina and Georgia under the names Select One Healthcare Solutions of SC, LLC, Select One Staffing Solutions of SC, LLC; or Select One Healthcare Solutions, LLC issued checks to their employees that were returned as insufficient funds. Some employees were paid in cash for some portion of their check. In other instances, employees never received payment for their hours worked. In addition, many employees had insurance payments withheld from their checks but payments were not made to the insurance carriers. Most employees failed to receive a W2 for tax year 2015.

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Joe Epting

In 1997 I graduated from law school and moved back to South Carolina. After a one-year clerkship I began my career as an attorney in a small Columbia, SC firm. Immediately, I started trying cases before juries. Typical of a small firm, this litigation ranged from contract issues to car wrecks, but I quickly realized that workers in South Carolina were underrepresented. I took more cases that involved wage theft in many different industries. These cases typically involve employers who refuse overtime pay; force workers to work off of the clock, hold back checks, misclassify employees, steal tips or fail to pay their workers at all. In addition, I help workers who were injured by dangerous products at their workplace or unsafe conditions that lead to severe disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and sometimes death. Our litigation has provided them a path to physical and financial recovery. These workers have been able to get the care they needed for the rest of their life.

If you have suffered from injuries as a result of dangerous conditions at work or have been the victim of wage theft, please contact me to see if I can help. 803-765-1551